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CJM 70th Anniversary
Banquet program
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A 14 minute Storybook Slideshow on YouTube highlighting many workers and volunteers over the 70 year perios of CJM ministries. and the beginnings of somer of the churches.
A 10 minute video of CJM Affiliated Churches and Fellowships across Canada. 12 of 15 churches/fellowships are viewed in this video.
Iwao Ikenouye
Nori Kanashiro
Stan Yokota
On Saturday, June 25, 2016, CJM celebrated it's 70th anniversary since it was organized in 1946.

The event took place in Calgary, AB with a total of 96 attendees enjoying an atmosphere of worship, reunion, reflection and envisioning the future.
Machiko Budai
Musical tribute during the program which delighted the audience were offered by the Grace Japanese Christian Church of Banff, AB and by Aya McLaughlin of Crossover Japanese Church of Calgary. The audience participation in worship was led by Rob & Marie Hasegawa of the Gracepoint Fellowship (the English department of the Calgary Japanese Gospel Church)
Jack Iwabuchi
Grace Japanese Christian Church singers
(L-R) Mai Tanaka, Shizue Kern, Happy Ito, Toyo Hayashi, Pastor Minoru Enoki & Kiyoko Koike
Building our celebration on the theme "Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, and today and forever" (Heb. 13:8), the focus centered on honouring the pioneers of CJM. Of the total of 32 pioneers named on this occasion, eleven pioneers or their family representatives were present to receive Certificate of Appreciation.

Five recipients of the Certificate who were present for the weekend conference gave their testimonies. On Friday evening of the conference, Iwao Ikenouye and Nori Kanashiro gave their testimonies at the Calgary Japanese Gospel Church. On Saturday, banquet evening, Pastor Stan Yokota, Machiko (Uchida) Budai & Jack Iwabuchi spoke of their early experiences with CJM.
Aya McLaughlin of Crossover Japanese Church of Calgary
Pastor Tetsuya Fukusaku (L), translator for the evening, with Mark Hoshizaki MC of the banquet program.
Rob & Marie Hasegawa of Gracepoint Fellowship - English department of Calgary Japanese Gospel Church
The audience was further bless to have in person Mark McLeod who now works with Samaritan's Purse. He came down from Fort McMurray to join us for this occasion. Mark was formerly the Canadian chaplain for the Billy Graham Disaster Response Team. He reported and thanked CJM for sending him to Japan immediately after the Tohoku earthquake/tsunami in 2011 to work with CRASH Japan.
Mark led in the development of Japan's first-responders to disaster
All Photo courtesy of Nick Jeung
situations. This training for Christian leaders and churches at-large equips people to assist not only the physical needs but emotional and spiritual needs. This training ministry carries on currently in Japan has also started in the Philippines and will soon be launched in other Asian countries.
Pastor Kevin Ueta
English department of Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto
Nori with Mark
The concluding words of the CJM Storybook Slideshow drew attention to how the original churches of CJM were born out of the misery and hardships of the 2nd WW.
Margaret Ridgway's faithfulness and determination set the foundation for many Japanese Canadian to be introduced to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
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At the conclusion of the program, Certificate of Appreciation was handed out to the pioneers of CJM. A total of 32 poineers were selected with 8 of them being recognized postumously. 11 pioneers or their family members were present to receive the certificates
A sample of the certificate is on the right. Click on the image to view it larger.
Receipents of the Certificate of Appreciation
The event was a wonderful reunion for many who had not seen each other for decades.
A surprize presentation at the conclusion of the program was a lovely mantle clock given to Nori for his lifetime of service to CJM.
Photo shows Nori receiving the gift from Mark Hoshizaki, the MC of the program with Pastor Tetsuya Fukusaku, Vice Chair of CJM and translator of program
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The testimonies from various pioneers during the evening highlighted God’s faithfulness in and through the CJM over the past 70 years. I shared a passage from Lamentations 3:22-24 where Jeremiah, in the midst of trials, declared the praises of Him who is still faithful. It is a reminder for us to also celebrate God’s faithfulness in the road ahead as we look forward to new opportunities to declare and demonstrate the Gospel in the midst of those who do not yet have their hope and trust in Jesus Christ.
As one of the young leaders of the CJM Board of Directors, Pastor Kevin Ueta challenged the audience with his thoughts on "CJM, What is the Future Like?" See his summary below.
Recent statistics have shown that we have a growing window of opportunity to minister to the Japanese who gather in our Canadian diasporas. With these opportunities comes a need to further strengthen our partnership with one another as part of the body of Christ.

This mission may even necessitate partnerships with other churches and organizations beyond the Japanese Canadian Church and we’ve seen that start to happen at our local church as well. If we are to vision with the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I believe we cannot ignore these opportunities for proactive mission that I believe God is revealing to us. And if we are to be faithful stewards of these opportunities, this is where I believe CJM can play a unique role in helping to equip and bring us together for the purpose of God’s mission in Canada. This mission is bigger than any one or a few Japanese Canadian churches or missionaries and I believe this is where God can continue to use CJM in the future.

in His Name,