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Canadian Japanese Ministries
Cooperating, Consulting and Coordinating with Japanese Churches in Canada
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Canadian Japanese Ministries
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Individual membership fee, $20.00 per year (effective for calendar year)
Please send Membership Application Form together with cheque made payable to:

Canadian Japanese Ministries and send to

Canadian Japanese Ministries
c/o Membership Secretary
PO Box 92124,
Scarborough, ON M1W 2S0
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To Our CJM Members
It is our continued hope that you value the ministry conducted through the CJM. Many of you have been receiving the CJM Reporter over the years and we wish to keep sending them to you. It is one way we can mutually keep in touch and inform of things happening in the Japanese Canadian evangelical Christian community. We wish to encourage you to become a member of CJM if you are not already. Although it is published only twice a year, it would be very helpful if all recipients would take out an annual membership with CJM. A membership also provides opportunity to vote at the AGM, participate in, and/or contribute to the CJM in various ways. Our Mission Statement states:
As God envisions and enables, Canadian Japanese Ministries works in cooperation with its membership and affiliated church groups to encourage, promote and actively engage in endeavours deemed to further the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the Nikkei population of Canada.
We sincerely seek your support and prayers as we work together to extend the Gospel ministries in our Nikkei communities.

God bless,

- Larry Iwamoto, Treasurer, Membership Secretary
- Nori Kanashiro, General Director